Me Vs Everybody

Summary: A story of how 3 lives, including a new student, a young mother, and a rock star are tied together by a street wanderer who builds a new organic city. Their charity to him is rewarded by powers which help them conquer their battles that await them..


-A movie that will increase awareness of humanity and the power of decisions by faith.


To create a powerful story by collecting inspiring  media that shows viral acts of humanity, so you can see  your value, power, and responsibility to impact everyone in your life.

Intro: Facts are  evident that Humans were created to inhabit the earth. We are made in the likeness to rule the earth as we are in trusting relationship with God, on earth as heaven. The kingdom of God is God’s will to be on earth as we know heaven to be, through Christ. This story is about charity, choices, blindness, obedience, and how they all play in our journey and restoration of God’s kingdom.
Villains: The biggest enemy is unbelief of truth, then fear of trust. There are levels of deception about Love; The first is that all are saved without faith; The second is only those who confess are saved; the third is those who confess they have belief but don’t follow. These are based on the sower parable. The fruitful seed is the one who come as they are and let Love transform them by  trusting the Word and commandment. God’s relationship requires our trust which determines Love, as does a marriage. Trust equates our faith to obey with work. But our sacrifice with work won’t save us.

Episode 1: Everybody Vs Me (30 mins)
Opening scene: Bum walking down street singing
Story: The bum asks for charity from each.
All the battles of characters are won by use of super powers.
Moral: It’s really Me vs Me

Episode 2: Me Vs Me (30 mins)
Clips: Poor vs Rich
Task: Identifying lust and pride, how you are you’re worst enemy.
Story:  All the battles of the characters are lost because of kryptonite.
Battle: Kidnapped in snowy woods.
Moral: Collective impact. / Win or lose, love conquers all.

Episode 3: Love Vs Everybody (30 mins)
Story:  The Social Justice League is created to change the world by actsa of charity and paying it forward. However this time they are led with purpose vs practice.
Twist: The Bum in attire is not a bum, but has been lead to disciple the 4 people that he actually knows. To 1 of each he is a landlord, a childhood song teacher, a friend of a deceased brother.  They met  while he was making 1 trip to collect rent, graveyard, donate to school.
Bum dies by faith and background story is revealed 15 mins.
He Gives tips to audience to follow and obey Love, perfected by obedience.
Moral: Surrendering is perfection. Thebattle belongs to Love, which is God.